Mush Comb

Let’s grow together

Mush Comb is an innovative company with the mission to support our mushroom, exotics and composting customers by delivery of associated products, knowledge and services such as machinery, climate, supplies and engineering.
Customers have to choose us because of our personal service and strong knowledge of the market.


climate shelf

Mush Comb presented the new oyster rack system in November 2016, which has the following advantages:
· 40% more compost in your rooms.
· More efficient picking.
· More convenient filling and emptying.

Have a look at the the animation below to understand how it works.

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Mush Comb Trading BV
Nijverheidsstraat 2A
5961PJ Horst
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 77 398 39 29

Bob Holtermans
Official representative in Ukraine
Grimco Trade Holland
Kyiv-150, P.O. box 104, Ukraine
T: +38 044 222 99 53

Benno Grimberg