Introductory visit of PIB FoodTechLink Ukraine team to the Netherlands

In the period of 23 – 27 November PIB FoodTechLink Ukraine team had an introductory visit to the Netherlands. The main purpose was to be instructed by the consortium members about the equipment they produce and process of its application so that representatives of PIB FoodTechLink Ukraine are ready to give professional advice to our Ukrainian customers.

During this period the following companies – members of PIB FoodTechLink Ukraine – were visited:

• JASA Packaging Systems
• Kiremko
• Machinehandel Lekkerkerker
• RBK Food Projects
• MPS Meat Processing Systems
• Unifreezing
• FoodBelts
• Köbo Nederland
• Lenssen Vul-en Sluittechniek & Lenssen Trading Company
• Sormac
• Elpress

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