FoodBelts/Cambridge: No excuses anymore!


There are no excuses anymore. The new innovating development of Cambridge Engineered Solutions (, the Direct Drive CamEdge systems are running now in many cooling applications and freezing applications. Recently the Dutch OEM Unifreezing B.V. installed two Direct Drive CamEdge systems for freezing in Hengelo, the Netherlands. Both systems are running smooth, noiseless and 100% trouble free at satisfied customers.

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The Direct Drive CamEdge system does have that many advantages that it is very easy to make people keen about this system. By example installing a complete new CamEdge belt in a system does take only 1 minute per meter belt length. The maintenance time at a CamEdge system is reduced up to 30% and the CamEdge system is very hygienic and easy to clean.

Other advantages of the CamEdge system are:

• Very smooth running at very low tension because of drive sprocket on every tier
• Increase lifetime of belt because of strong reduction of tension
• No drum needed in the system, cost saving, less service needed, more open area
• Belt in system is running 100% noiseless
• More opportunities in mesh overlay to guarantee the best option for the products
• In many situations less belt support is needed. Cost saving. More hygienic
• Reducing maintenance time up to 30%
• System does have up 30% less need to spare materials, cost saving, saving labor costs
• System is very hygienic, less opportunities to bacteries
• The CamEdge is available in outside diameter of >2,8 meter. Space saving
• Up/down going in one CamEdge system is possible . Space saving.

All Cambridge belts are official Halal certificated.

You are interested in getting more information regarding the CamEdge system?
Please contact to plan a meeting. You are also welcome at FoodBelts B.V. were you can see a demo CamEdge system running.

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