Elpress is the leading manufacturer in the field of industrial hygiene. We focus on delivering total solutions: customer-focused cleaning systems, professionally integrated into your business process. By simplifying processes and sharing our knowledge, our wide product range enables us to add value to your business.

Elpress has been an innovative force in the area of industrial hygiene for more than thirty years. We strive to maintain our lead in market development by addressing the most divergent questions about hygiene in an inventive and successful way. We are proud to say that a number of our products have set the standard in the industy.

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Elpress BV
Handelstraat 21
5831 AV Boxmeer
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 (0) 48 55 16 969
Fax: +31 (0) 48 55 14 022

Denmark Office
H.A. Brorsons Vej
15 9000 Aalborg Denmark
Tel.: +45 (0) 42 74 74 19

Poland Office
Popławska 56/3
95-200 Pabianice Poland
Tel.: +48 (0) 536 00 00 36
Official representative in Ukraine
Grimco Trade Holland
Kyiv-150, P.O. box 104
T: +38 044 222 99 53

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