Dutch Delta approach

The Dutch Delta Approach – 12 building blocks inspired by 10 deltas

As a vulnerable river delta, Holland has learned to deal with water challenges in a specific way: by embracing water and embedding it in our DNA. Water became our way of life, our culture, and we used this knowledge in our governance, policies and investments with The ‘Dutch Delta approach’ as a solid outcome. This Dutch approach is helping other countries to deal with their water challenges.

Last year the American State of California experienced its third driest year on record. At the same time, the European countries of Bosnia and Serbia suffered from the worst rainfall and flooding in decades. Unfortunately we all know for certain the world will face many more droughts, floods and storms. To take on these challenges we’ll have to prepare. The ‘Dutch Delta Approach’ provides a sustainable solution to global water challenges.

A strategic process
The view of the Delta Approach is that everywhere in the world, water is complex; managing it properly requires good governance, partnerships and preparation. A strategic planning process is what the Delta approach comes down to, with institutional, sustainable, physical and social economical aspects combined. This integrated water management planning approach proved itself to be very successful in the Dutch Delta Programme (the national plan to make sure Holland is safe and resilient for generations to come).

12 building blocks
The essentials of the Delta approach are made up of 12 building blocks. These blocks are the ‘must haves’ for sustainable delta management and can be used in several delta environments around the globe.