Fresh Business Expo 2019: how it was


3-5 December the annual Fresh Business Expo 2019 took place in Kyiv within the framework of which, as usual, the Holland Pavilion was organized with the support of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Ukraine.

Fresh Business Expo is an international event that targets Fresh Produce Production, Processing, Storage & Handling Technologies and Produces and Supply in Ukraine and CIS Countries. It is the leading trade event for all suppliers within the entire spectrum of the Fresh Produce Industry. Fresh Business Expo is the only trade event in Ukraine that exclusively targets the complete chain of Fresh Produce and has proven again to be a great additional marketing tool for companies to establish and strengthen the necessary business in Ukraine and CIS Countries. Fresh Business Expo is being organized since 2011 and the exhibition has proven to be an effective and targeted tool for companies to strengthen and expand their network in Ukraine and CIS countries. Here you can find both clients and partners to represent your company in the local market.

Why is participation in the Holland pavilion better than having a separate stand? Because together we are stronger and more noticeable. It is no secret that one of the main keys to the success of any business is a correct and loud statement about yourself.  Participation in the Holland Pavilion includes a promotional campaign before and during the exhibition, helps you organize and design your place at the stand, as well as hosting you and your clients. We work in effective and well-coordinated cooperation with the organizers of the exhibition and offer our participants the all-inclusive option. But let`s talk about 2019….

This year Holland Pavilion was joined by the next Dutch companies: Van Abeelen, Tolsma Ukraine, HZPC, Metaflex, Dutrion, Blue Atmosphere. For the Blue Atmosphere it was the first exhibition in Ukraine and it turned as a perfect place to be and introduce yourself for the potential partners.

For instance, Tolsma Ukraine who represented such companies like Tolsma-Grisnich, Kiremko, Sormac, Fam, Jasa Packaging Solutions, Raytec Vision, Elifab Solutions, Tecnofrutta, Pakfrut, Pollak Sala. All the mentioned companies are specialized in storing, handling and processing equipment for vegetables, fruits and berries. Tolsma Ukraine is a successful brand in Ukraine, however, the Fresh Business Expo is a perfect place to meet your current and potential clients. At the exhibition, you will not meet the crowds of visitors, but in terms of quality, you can find the real leads. That is why Tolsma Ukraine joins the Holland Pavilion every year.

Van Abeelen Food Processing Technology chooses Fresh Business Expo 2019 as a platform to present the newest innovation in the IQF freezer world – Sea Container Model IQF freezer. Jeffry Roossien – operational director of Van Abeelen said: it is a good exhibition and great opportunity for the future to explore the Ukrainian market. According to the Jeroen Hannink – Head of sales & project department of Van Abeelen: At Fresh Business Expo 2019 you will not meet a lot of people but the quality sufficient taking into account that the average number of visitors was less than in 2018.

One of the key success factors of the exhibition is the conference “Export Breakthrough!”, which is organized by Fruit Inform within the framework of the exhibition. The conference and exhibition attracted leading growers, traders, key supermarket buyers, importers, exporters, processors as well as input and equipment suppliers, and 2019 was no exception. During the conference, you could meet the potential clients or partners for your business as well as received the latest data about the Ukrainian agrarian market and its plans. I would definitely recommend attending conferences during the exhibition. This increases the chances of finding the right contacts for your business.

Fresh Business Expo is a place where you can meet a potential customer at a neighboring stand, establish contact and enter into a deal by the end of the exhibition. So do not miss your chance next year.

In conclusion, we quote Mr Bert Eising – International Key Account Manager at Tolsma – Grisnich: “This year you are too late, but this was great!”